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纯天然34E Cup奶 超敏感体质💦初尝试电脑直播,等你来震✨)大厅尺度有限,露脸隐藏大尺度在PVT C2C,每月底开一场王子秀🤴,🈲止录屏传播,谢谢哥哥们
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关于我💖 About me💌
欢迎各位哥哥们来到妲己💖的直播间, 几乎每晚我都会上线与大家见面。 我今年26岁,E罩杯,喜欢和哥哥们相处的感觉, 在这里,我会竭尽所能去做出令你们满意的表演, 满足不同人的欲望,让我们的距离非常相近。 同时,我感受到了来自不同地区人们的温暖, 在我比较困难的时刻,是你们在陪伴我。 感谢平台上每一个给我打赏的人。 Welcome everyone to 💖Daji's live broadcast room, I almost go online every night to meet everyone. I am 26 years old this year, with an E-cup size, and I enjoy the feeling of being with my brothers, Here, I will do my best to perform to your satisfaction, Satisfying the desires of different people makes our distance very close. At the same time, I feel the warmth of people from different regions, During my difficult times, it was you who accompanied me. Thank you to everyone on the platform who gave me tips.
♥欢迎加入妲己的🤴王子团♥ 拥有王子可免费解锁以下专属权益 ※解锁专属福利视频 ※免费偷窥PVT(偷窥一场就能回本) ※王子专属菜单折扣 九折 ※王子专属PVT C2C折扣 八折 ※免费加平台好友,和妲己聊天 [每个月只需49.99$美金;約1500NT$台幣;约300RMB人民币] ♥Welcome to join Daji's Prince Group ♥ Owning the Prince can unlock the following exclusive benefits for free ※ Unlock exclusive benefit videos ※ Free peek at PVT (one peek can bring back the cost) ※ 10% discount on Prince exclusive menu ※ Prince exclusive PVT C2C discount 20% off ※Add platform friends for free and chat with Daji [Only $49.99 USD per month; approximately NT $1500; approximately RMB 300]
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✦禁止录屏和传播 ✦请礼貌发言 ✦不接受免费要求 ✦尊重主播和骑士们 ✦不接任何形式线下 ✦Prohibit screen recording anddissemination ✦Please speak politely ✦Do not accept free requests ✦Respect the streamer and knights ✦Not accepting any formof offline activities
请保护妲已💋 Please protect Daji💟
感谢每一位哥哥的支持,妲己心存感激。 Thank you to every brother for their support, Daji feels grateful。
顺带对哥哥们说的话💗 By the way
我曾失去了重要的亲人,心爱的小猫,生活的负债曾压垮了我,但这些没有打倒我。 每个月我都会拿收入的一小部分去做慈善,帮助需要帮助的人以及放生小生命,体恤苦难的人。 我相信善良的人总会被善良的人眷顾,感谢平台上每一个给我打赏的人,给予过我帮助的人。 这是我人生中独特的宝贵经历。能看到这里的,一定是爱妲己的人,妲己爱你们。 I have lost important family members, beloved kittens, and the debt of life has crushed me, but these have not knocked me down。 Every month, I use a small portion of my income to do charity, helping those in need and releasing small lives, empathizing with those in need。 I believe that kind people will always be favored by them. I am grateful to everyone on the platform who rewards me and has helped me。 This is a unique and valuable experience in my life.Those who can see these words must be people who love Daji, Daji loves you.

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