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Telegram channel: @melissashawwty
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Benefits: ♡Sale menu: -10% for Soldier -25% for Lord -33% for Prince + free record private <3 ♡Exclusive every-day pictures / vids of me ♡Non-censored ♡Lewd Outfits and poses ♡Full Toys Play Videos ♡PM surprises - full confidence in sexual fantasies ♡All socials free: 1)Whats App 2)Telegram 3)Snapchat ♡Tips are rewarded ♡My secrets how much I love anal ♡Special status in the room ♡Unlock unlimited private chat ♡Spy for free on model’s Private Shows ________________________ メリット: ◎販売メニュー: 兵士のための-10% 主のための-25% -33%For Prince+free record private<3 ♥ 排他的な毎日の写真/私のvids ├非検閲 ▷スケベな衣装とポーズ ►フルおもちゃプレイ動画 ▷PMの驚き-性的な空想に完全な自信を持っています ✓すべての社交無料: 1)WhatsApp 2)電報 3)スナップチャット ✓ヒントは報われます ▷私の秘密私は肛門をどれだけ愛していますか ◎お部屋での特別なステータス ►無制限のプライベートチャットのロックを解除 ▷Spy for freeにモデルのプライベートショー
我最喜欢的音乐 / My favorite music / 私の好きな音楽
Music!♥ Only seven notes and an infinity of possibilities. Perhaps it was with music that our universe began. Music, it's in everything – in the beating of hearts, the rustle of leaves, raindrops drumming on the glass. It is the most universal language in the universe, capable of expressing emotions and feelings without words. My Favorite Rock Bands: Queen, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Metallica, Linkin Park, Twenty One Pilots. My favorite Pop artists: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande,Lady Gaga. From hip-hop I like: Eminem, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Dr. Dre♥ The electronic sound of techno, bassline and d'n'b is also common: MackyGee, Darkzy,Bru-C,Holy Goof, Locked Club,Brutalismus 3000, Gesaffelstein,Any Act,Sub Focus, Noisia, Pendulum♥ Sometimes I can listen to r'n'b and jazz : Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Chris Brown & Tyga, Feid, The Weeknd, Usher, Beyonce, Rihanna♥ I am glad that everyone can find music to their liking :)
我的主菜单 / My main menu / 私のメインメニュー
我最喜欢的服装款式 / My favorite style of clothing / 私の好きな服のスタイル
My favorite style of clothing is casual. It combines simplicity and convenience. I really love sportswear, jeans, various types of sneakers and sneakers, but if you wear only things for sports all the time, it will look boring and not always correspond to the place and time. By choosing the right accessories, you can make the image more businesslike or romantic<3 There are many different styles, fashion does not stand still. Something new and unusual is constantly being invented. Modern fabrics and fancy styles appear every season. Someone on the contrary prefers classics and simplicity of lines. The way you dress will tell more about you than you think. Clothes are a second skin, in order to please others, you need to find and wear what you like. It is not necessary to buy expensive clothes to look stylish. The main thing is to be able to combine things correctly. You also need to think over your image♥
DMCA保护 / DMCA protection / DMCAの保護
Any unauthorized use of my profile, videos, images or audio in any form or forum now or in the future will NOT be permitted without my written consent. Any action to promote or profit in any way (such as monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video, images or audio in any form of my profile is a punishment of my privacy and is subject to legal action. BY VIEWING THIS: You acknowledge and agree that you will not post, upload, publish, transmit or in any way make available the contents of this page, including images and recordings of streaming live video available for download. It is intended and presented as a one-time, one-view, real-time presentation. Penalties for Copyright Infringement: By reproducing, republishing or redistributing the work of a copyright owner without permission, you may break or infringe on his or her rights under the Law. The copyright holder can sue for damages ranging from $250 to $150,000 or one year in prison.
关于艺术与爱的讨论 / Discussions about art and love / アートと愛についての議論
Love is the most important force that produces ideas, awakens a person's creative ability. Art intuitively feels the fusion of two forces that consist in love - the forces of life and the forces of the idea. In everyday life, everything that is said about love "realistically" is always rude and flat. In nothing is the difference between a deep "occult" understanding of life and a superficial "positive" one so sharply manifested as in the question of love. Among other issues of our time, the "sexual question" is being actualized. This is a question entirely from the everyday life of two-dimensional beings living on a plane and moving in two directions - production and consumption. The world in which we live can be viewed without disgust only because there is a beauty that a person creates from time to time out of chaos. The paintings, the music, the books he writes, the life he manages to live. And most of all beauty lies in a perfectly lived life. This is the highest work of art.
我的骑士 / ♥My Knights♥ / ♥私の騎士♥
非常感谢在聊天中支持我的大家,你们是无与伦比的! 我的骑士总是从我这里得到特别的奖金和私人折扣! 我感谢每一位骑士的支持和努力。另外,任何想成为我的骑士的人,你可以写信给我的个人信息,我会很高兴接受你进入我的团队在这个困难的时刻! 您将成为我的项目的一部分,该项目具有特殊的价值,我们与您的联系以及使这个房间成为本网站上最好的愿望:)_______________________________ Many thanks to everyone who supports me in the chat, you are incomparable! My knights always get special bonuses and discounts on private from me! I appreciate the support and effort of every knight. Also, anyone who wants to become my knight, you can write to me in a personal message, I will be glad to accept you into my team at this difficult time! You will become a part of my project, which has a special value, our connection with you and the desire to make this room the best on this site :) _________________________ チャットで私をサポートしてくれたすべての人に感謝します、あなたは比類のないです! 私の騎士は、常に私からプライベートに特別なボーナスや割引を得る! 私はすべての騎士のサポートと努力に感謝します。また、私の騎士になりたい人は誰でも、あなたは個人的なメッセージで私に書くことができます、私はこの困難な時期に私のチームにあなたを受け入れ あなたは私のプロジェクトの一部になり、特別な価値、あなたとのつながり、そしてこの部屋をこのサイトで最高のものにしたいという願望を持
我的梦想和为什么我在这里 / my dream and why i am here / 私の夢と私がここにいる理由
I dream of buying my own apartment and opening my own dance school, where I will be able to assemble a team that will be able to show the world my creations. But, like many creative people, I often have doubts and fear of failure. But I know that I shouldn't stop and I need to keep creating, because that's what makes me happy.I also want to create a world fund to fight hunger. This idea inspires people all over the world, because hunger is one of the most terrible and widespread problems of our time. It affects millions of people, and especially those who live in poverty or in areas with conflict.The world needs a global approach to fighting hunger, by raising funds and investing in infrastructure and food security. My foundation will strive to solve this problem by providing not only food, but also education, health care and social protection for those in need.
lovense愿望清单 / If you want to support me with new toys in my lovense wish list / lovenseウィッシュリスト
如果你决定用玩具来支持我,我会很高兴,因为每3个月他们就会磨损,需要新的! 感谢那些已经能够用玩具支持我的家伙,感谢所有想在这里留下链接的人 : ______________ I will be very pleased if you decide to support me with toys, because every 3 months they wear out and new ones are needed! Thanks to those guys who have already been able to support me with a toy, to everyone who wants to leave a link here : ___________ おもちゃは3か月ごとに消耗し、新しいおもちゃが必要になるため、おもちゃで私をサポートしていただけると非常に嬉しく思います。すでにおもちゃで私をサポートしてくれた人たち、ここにリンクを残したい人たちに感謝します :
关于我 / About me / 私について
My name is Melissa and I think that you have already read many biographies of other girls on this site. Now you're reading mine and it's nice to meet you. I'm 19 years old. I am an independent model working at home <3 I have been dancing for 10 years and have a musical education. When I start dancing or listening to music, I immerse myself in my world and forget about everything in the world. It's very calming and allows me to express my emotions and thoughts. Besides dancing, I also like to write poems and short stories, I draw on free topics. This allows me to explore my inner world even deeper and express my feelings in words. I know I have talent and potential, but I'm often shy about showing my work to other people. It seems to me that they will not understand or appreciate my creations.In my free time I also like to read books, especially fantasy and romance. This is another way for me to escape from reality and find myself in a world of fantasy and adventure.
Instagram ♥
Instagram: @melissashawwty
我的Twitter / My Twitter / 私のツイッター
我的非主菜单 / My non-main menu / 私の非メインメニュー
我的脱衣舞时间 / My Striphours / 私のストリップ時間
在这里你可以跟踪我的帐户的统计数据,我见过很多女孩在这里添加这个链接,所以我不会例外:) ___________________________ Here you can track the statistics of my account, I have seen many girls add this link here, so I will not be an exception :) ____________________________ ここであなたは私のアカウントの統計を追跡することができます、私は多くの女の子がここにこのリンクを追加するのを見たので、私は例外ではありません:)
我的日程安排 / My schedule / 私のスケジュール
Los Angeles UTC-7 (GMT-7) Sunday: 04:00 - 11:30 Monday: 04:00 - 11:30 Tuesday: I usually rest Wednesday: I usually rest Thursday: I usually rest Friday : 04:00 - 11:30 Saturday: 04:00 - 11:30 Texas UTC-5 (GMT-5) Sunday: 06:00 - 13:30 Monday: 06:00 - 13:30 Tuesday: I usually rest Wednesday: I usually rest Thursday: I usually rest Friday : 06:00 - 13:30 Saturday: 06:00 - 13:30 Moscow/Istanbul UTC+3 (GMT+3) Sunday: 14:00 - 21:30 Monday: 14:00 - 21:30 Tuesday: I usually rest Wednesday: I usually rest Thursday: I usually rest Friday : 14:00 - 21:30 Saturday: 14:00 - 21:30 Asia/Tokyo UTC+9 (GMT+9)/ アジア/東京UTC+9(GMT+9) 日曜日:20:00-03:30 月曜日:20:00-03:30 火曜日:私は通常休みます 水曜日:私は通常休みます 木曜日:私は通常休みます 金曜日:20:00-03:30 土曜日:20:00-03:30 I always work on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays!My weekends always mostly fall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.Please wait for me and don't waste tokens on other girls!<3When my streams can start earlier and end later, I can always stay longer!)
我的职业是谁?/ Who am I by profession / 私は職業によって誰ですか
我经历了一条艰难的道路,我首先选择了一个心理学家的困难专业,但我失败了,因为那里非常困难,与此同时,我从事舞蹈,无法结合我最喜欢的爱好和获现在我正在休学假,我试图过上一个相当匿名的生活,我和我的猫住在一起,为了支付我住的酷公寓-我在这里流媒体:)因此,我的私人总是打开 ------------------------------- I went through a difficult path where I first chose a difficult specialty of a psychologist, but I failed because it was very difficult there, in parallel I was engaged in dancing and could not combine my favorite hobby and gaining new knowledge.Now I'm on academic leave, I'm trying to lead a fairly anonymous life, I live with my cat and in order to pay for the cool apartment in which I live - I'm streaming here :) Therefore, my private is always open ahahha) __________________ 私は最初に心理学者の難しい専門を選んだ難しい道を通り抜けましたが、そこでは非常に困難だったので失敗しました、並行して私はダンスに従事していて、私のお気に入りの趣味を組み合わせることができず、新しい知識を得ることができませんでした。今、私は学術休暇を取っています、私はかなり匿名の人生をリードしようとしています、私は私の猫と一緒に住んでいて、私が住んでいるクールなアパートの代金を払うために-私はここでストリーミングしています:)
等离子-离线呼叫♥ / Plasma - offline calling ♥ / プラズマ-オフライン通話¶
如果你想在我家的任何位置进行热私人,那么我们可以提前就这一点达成一致,并在这个信使中进行1对1的通话。 我也有其他的社交网络和信使可以给你爱:) _______________________________ If you want to make a hot private in any location of my house, then we can agree on this in advance and make a 1 on 1 call in this messenger. I also have other social networks and messengers that can give you love :) _____________________________ 私の家の任意の場所でホットプライベートを作りたい場合は、事前にこれに同意して、このメッセンジャーで1対1の電話をかけることができます。 私はまたあなたに愛を与えることができる他のソーシャルネットワークとメッセンジャーを持っています:)
是什么让我快乐 / What makes me happy / 何が私を幸せにするのですか
人们的情感和我为自己设定的目标的实现。 当我的努力达到预期的结果,当我看到我可以激励和取悦其他人时,我感到满意。 这些是我的主要动力和快乐的来源。 我会很高兴知道你的动机和人生哲学是什么? _______________ The emotions of people and the achievement of goals that I set for myself. I feel satisfied when my efforts lead to the desired result and when I see that I can inspire and delight other people. These are my main motivators and sources of happiness. I will be glad to know what is your motivator and your philosophy of life? ______________ 人々の感情と私が自分のために設定した目標の達成。 私の努力が望ましい結果につながるとき、そして私が他の人々を刺激し、喜ばせることができることを見るとき、私は満足しています。 これらは私の主な動機と幸福の源です。 私はあなたの動機とあなたの人生哲学が何であるかを知ってうれしいですか?
我的房间规则 / My room rules / 私の部屋のルール
1)我不做我不想做的事情。 如果你需要一个不在菜单上的节目,请和我谈谈 2)不会推广你的房间和其他地方或u将被踢 3)尊重或u将被沉默 4)没有请求或u将保持沉默 5)小费注意脏话请 6)我总是没有时间回答你,尽量引起我的注意 7)向聊天会员致敬 __________ 1)I won't do what I don't want to. if you want a show that's not on the menu, talk to me 2)Dont promote your room and other sites or u will be kicked 3)Be respectful or u will be silenced 4)No demands or u will be silenced 5)Dirty talk in tip notes please 6)I don't always have time to answer you, try to get my attention as much as possible 7)Be respectful to chat members _____________ 1)私は私がしたくないものをしません。 メニューにないショーが必要な場合は、私に話してください 2)あなたの部屋を促進しないし、他の場所またはuは蹴られます 3)尊重されるか、またはuは沈黙されます 4)要求かuは沈黙しません 5)先端のノートの汚れた話は喜びます 6)私はいつもあなたに答える時間がない、できるだけ私の注意を引くようにしてください 7)チャットメンバーに敬意を表する
我的爱好 / my hobby / 私の趣味
I am fond of painting and photography - these arts allow me to express my emotions and thoughts through images and colors. Music is another passion of mine. I play several instruments, including guitar and piano. In addition, I love to dance - it's a great way to relax and express yourself. Cooking is another passion of mine. I love experimenting with recipes and cooking different dishes. It's also a fun activity that allows you to experiment with flavors and textures. Yoga is my salvation in stressful situations. I practice yoga several times a week and it helps me to keep my physical and emotional harmony. Traveling is my passion. I love discovering new places, getting to know different cultures and interacting with people. Each trip is a new adventure for me and an opportunity to expand my horizons. All these hobbies are part of me, my personality. I appreciate each of them and find my joy and satisfaction in them.
My toys (^-^✿) 私のおもちゃ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆
These are my toys that most of all bring pleasure and make me very horny, I will tell you a secret that I have a very sensitive pussy and sometimes during my broadcast I can experience an orgasm, which I will hide from you, so any vibration means a lot to me! Check usage before private <3 _____ これらは、何よりも喜びをもたらし、私を非常に興奮させる私のおもちゃです。私は非常に敏感な猫を持っていることを秘密にします。放送中にオルガスムを体験できることもありますが、それはあなたから隠します。私にとって大きな意味があります!プライベートの前に使用状況を確認する <3

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